State National Bank of Big Spring Chooses Comodo Solution for Online User Authentication Operations

<p><strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; Aug. 29</strong><br />Comodo, a global provider of identity- and trust assurance-management solutions, has announced that the State National Bank of Big Spring (Texas) has chosen Comodo to deliver online user authentication for its customers. </p><p>Comodo&#39;s Two Factor Authentication solution is FFIEC compliant and provides a highly secure PKI-based platform that allows State National Bank to institute a user authentication schema that is easy for customers to use.<br /><br />Comodo Two Factor Authentication is one of the easiest and lowest-cost solutions available because of Comodo&rsquo;s established PKI infrastructure and digital certificate life cycle management processes. </p><p>This authentication solution does not require customers to alter their banking behavior once their digital ID has been created. </p><p>Once bank customers install a digital certificate onto their computers, they can continue to use their existing usernames and passwords to effortlessly log into their accounts. </p><p>Client certificates can be delivered electronically, and with client certificates, Comodo Two Factor protects the integrity of data. </p><p>As an added convenience, client certificates can be stored on smart cards or tokens for portability.<br /><br />"The Comodo Two Factor Authentication Solution opened up new ideas for us about how we could deliver a secure user authentication login process with minimal inconvenience to our customers," said Richard Steel, executive vice president of State National Bank of Big Spring. "With this solution, we can dramatically improve the efficiency and delivery of user authentication processes so our customers can securely and confidently use all of our online services."<br /><br />Comodo…



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