Starz Entertainment Selects Springbok Services

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<p><strong>Englewood, Colo. &mdash; Aug. 23 </strong><br />Springbok Services Inc., a provider of prepaid MasterCard card solutions, has been selected by Starz Entertainment LLC to implement a customized, branded prepaid card program for the premium movie services provider. </p><p>Starz will implement Springbok&rsquo;s solutions for both single value and reloadable sales incentive programs, along with single-value, consumer-focused gift-with-purchase programs.</p><p>Springbok Services has built a tradition of enabling its customers to achieve their goals through powerful branded prepaid-card solutions for human resource programs, sales performance programs and product promotion campaigns. </p><p>In recent months, an increasing number of large-business customers have been turning to Springbok Services to help them motivate people and drive revenue. </p><p>This growth in demand coincides with Springbok Services&#39; own growth, including a recent expansion of its fulfillment capabilities and corporate facilities, as well as a significant capital investment in the company by Goldman Sachs.</p><p>&ldquo;At Starz Entertainment, we constantly strive to find new and creative ways to reward our affiliate partners for achieving their performance objectives,&rdquo; said Karen Abene, director of point of sales. &ldquo;After examining several options, we chose the prepaid MasterCard solutions from Springbok Services because of their customization services, flexibility and the speed in which they can deliver programs through their one-stop shop solution center. </p><p>”We are confident that our affiliate partners and subscribers will enjoy receiving their prepaid MasterCard cards from Starz and most importantly, the program will help us achieve our business goals and objectives. &rdquo;</p><p>Tim Birk, Springbok Services executive vice president of sales and marketing, agrees/</p><p>&ldquo;Everyone here at Springbok Services is excited to be working with Starz Entertainment,&rdquo; he said. &ldquo;Our new relationship with Starz demonstrates some of the many uses of a branded prepaid card solution for businesses of any kind. </p><p>”Customization, flexibility and speed are the cornerstones of our business, and we look forward to maximizing the many benefits of an effective prepaid card program with Starz.”</p>

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