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<p><strong>San Diego &mdash; May 25</strong><br />&quot;Star Wars&quot; fans can connect with the Force in ways they&rsquo;ve only imagined beginning May 25, when launches a redesigned Web site that empowers fans to &ldquo;mash-up&rdquo; their homemade videos with hundreds of scenes from &quot;Star Wars&quot; movies; watch hundreds of fan-made Star Wars videos and interact with Star Wars enthusiasts from around the world like never before.</p><p>With an innovative, interactive home page design that allows users to navigate to multiple Star Wars worlds, a new video focus and groundbreaking &ldquo;Web 2.0&rdquo; features &mdash; including a unique online multimedia mixing platform from Eyespot &mdash; the new commemorates the 30th anniversary of the &quot;Star Wars&quot; saga.<br /><br />Among the most compelling features of the newly redesigned is the incorporation of an online video-editing tool provided by Eyespot. </p><p>It allows users to add their own video shots to more than 250 scenes and music taken from all six &quot;Star Wars&quot; films and create their own &quot;Star Wars&quot; movies to share with others.<br /><br /> also is unveiling a collection of hundreds of videos &mdash; many never before seen on the Internet &mdash; that will let fans enjoy some of the best user-generated &quot;Star Wars&quot; videos from across the Web, including such cult favorites as &ldquo;Chad Vader,&rdquo; and five years&#39; worth of Star Wars Fan Movie Festival shorts, co-presented by </p><p> also will showcase extensive mini-documentaries that explore the making of the &quot;Star Wars&quot; saga.<br /><br />&ldquo;Since 1977, Star Wars has been built on the idea that our fans are the reason we have been successful, and they have long shown their enormous creativity and desire to have fun and express themselves through Star Wars,&quot; said Jeff Ulin, Lucasfilm Ltd. senior director of distribution and online. &quot;Our new site brings our fans innovative tools like the Eyespot editor that let them do just that in exciting new ways.&quot; </p><p>Jim Kaskade, Eyespot co-founder and CEO, agrees.</p><p>&ldquo;Eyespot&rsquo;s creative technology allows Lucasfilm to protect its intellectual property while offering a media playground for fans to have a fun and accessible experience due to our product&rsquo;s extreme ease of use,&rdquo; Kaskade said. &ldquo;We couldn&rsquo;t be more honored to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of this monumental movie series.&rdquo;<br /><br />The relaunch is just the start of a series of exciting additions to </p><p>In the coming months, continually added features will give the global &quot;Star Wars&quot; fan community unprecedented new content, new games and new ways to share the 10,000-page site, which is visited by millions of users every month.<br /><br />&ldquo;We want the new to empower fans to make and watch &#39;Star Wars&#39; videos, play games and share their love of &#39;Star Wars&#39; like no other site on the Internet,&rdquo; said Bill Gannon, Lucasfilm Ltd. director of online operations. &ldquo; already features blogs, special in-depth sections for kids and video gaming, the Hyperspace fan site, and the comprehensive, making it unlike any entertainment-themed Web site.&rdquo;</p><p>Innovation is nothing new to &mdash; the Web site always has been a leader in using the newest Internet technologies.&nbsp; </p><p>&ldquo;In 1999, we were the first to host the online premiere of a trailer, which was the biggest online event the Internet had seen to that point, and nearly a decade later, we are ensuring that will remain one of the most innovative and fun entertainment sites anywhere on the Web,&rdquo; Ulin said.</p>

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