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<strong>St. Paul, Minn. &mdash; Jan. 28</strong><br />TempWorks Software, a provider of business solutions for the staffing industry, announced news of a supplementary product designed for staffing firms that follow the increasing trend of electronic business communication. The ancillary product, called Microsoft Outlook Add-In, enhances task flow between Microsoft Outlook and the TempWorks software system.<br /><br />The product makes work easier for the many staffing firms that rely on Microsoft Outlook as the main method of communication between them and their clients and employees. Microsoft Outlook Add-In lets its users complete tasks faster from e-mail messages and document attachments, such as resumes. <br /><br />&ldquo;The candidate crunch has confounded corporate recruiting; old-fashioned sourcing of passive candidates has moved into high gear. For staffing companies, this means somehow reconciling the highly personal activity of sourcing passive candidates with the tools of an enterprise staffing database,&rdquo; stated Gregg Dourgarian, president and CEO of TempWorks Software. “You can see how TempWorks has been responding to this trend in recent years with the elevation of inbound and outbound e-mail as first-class citizens of our core applications. Recruiters that were pack ratting candidates into their own e-mail silos no longer get a pass for not entering the data into the corporate database &mdash; just a click in TempWorks transforms it into structured, shareable corporate data,&rdquo; said Dourgarian.<br /><br />The features of the application are simple to learn and use. It appears as a toolbar on the top of your Microsoft Outlook screen, with buttons that perform various actions and will transfer and save data from Outlook emails directly into the TempWorks system.<br /><br />The major efficiency improvements gained with Outlook Add-In include the ability to create messages in the TempWorks solution (with the flexibility to attach the message to a variety of record types); the ability to create a new record in the database and link it to a customer record (and create a new Outlook contact at the same time); the ability to parse data out of attached resumes and post it in a TempWorks employee record (you can also upload the document into the document section of the record); and the ability to download activities into the Tasks area of Outlook &mdash; valuable for users who prefer to view their tasks in Outlook rather than in the TempWorks system.<br /><br />The Microsoft Outlook Add-In solution illustrates how the evolution of business techniques drives the need for new or add-on technologies in today&rsquo;s staffing industry. TempWorks Software aims to be attuned to what staffing firms need to move their business forward and works to provide those solutions.<br />

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