Spread the Knowledge: Becoming an IT Trainer

You wait in a classroom that fills up slowly. Soon there are roughly 30 people of a variety of skill levels seated before you, waiting and chatting. You clear your throat, make introductions and then start the course.

There are a number of questions you may want to ask yourself before becoming an IT trainer. Is leading a classroom something you believe you can do? How would you start your journey? What skills are required? What professional associations are out there in this field and what are their benefits?

Having the technical skills in the subject area that you’re going to deliver is a must; however, it cannot be the only skill in your arsenal. Remember, you’re going to be training people of all stripes, so strong communication is a skill you’ll need. Gone are the days when IT professionals spoke a geeky language that only other IT professionals could understand: Today’s IT professionals, especially those entering the training field, have to speak proper English — or the local language in their part of the world.

It is said that only 10 percent of communication is verbal, and this is especially true when it comes to training. IT trainers stumble in choosing to merely read out of a textbook, not deviating from the courseware and presenting material in a way that is monotone and dry. Or they may have verbal skills, but do not have the background and knowledge when faced with questions outside the realm of the textbook.


Ken Wagner


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