SPECTRUM Ramps Up HR System Performance

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<p><strong>Denver &mdash; Aug. 7</strong><br />SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corp. announces that the latest release of its human resource software will include 360-degree performance reviews. </p><p>Multisource feedback is known to be broader in scope and more balanced than single-source and, thus, is invaluable for the perspective it gives employees. </p><p>By incorporating this functionality into an organization&rsquo;s human resource information system (HRIS), HR can save a substantial amount of time on the administrative tasks associated with performance reviews.<br /><br />&ldquo;This release of iVantage reflects how SPECTRUM encompasses the changing HR needs and expectations with technology,&rdquo; said Sybll Romley, SPECTRUM president and CEO. &ldquo;Our goal is to help HR professionals shift their energy from administrative tasks to strategic development and planning.&rdquo;<br /><br />By integrating 360-degree performance reviews into a complete HR system, organizations can decrease the amount of time HR spends on administrative tasks related to reviews. Using the self-service feature, the reviews can be administered effortlessly. </p><p>All those participating in the review can receive automatic reminders that they need to complete the process, and the submitted results can be routed electronically for approval. </p><p>The employee being reviewed is able to view anonymous responses after his or her manager has reviewed and edited the responses. &nbsp;<br /><br />&ldquo;The 360-degree feedback is a great enrichment to iVantage and its ability to integrate all aspects of HR,&quot; said Lori Ericson, vice president of development. &quot;The extensive reporting features can show where the process is and compile and analyze the process as a whole, in groups or by individuals.</p><p>&ldquo;iVantage gives HR a full picture of an employee and their career path.&rdquo;<br /><br />Other new features in iVantage 4.1 include: &nbsp;</p><ul><li>Enhanced timesheets functionality.</li><li>Enhanced self-service features and functionality,&nbsp; including the ability for employees to view pay stubs and update federal and state tax withholding.</li><li>Employees can view and modify direct deposit options with the changes automatically made through the payroll provider interface.</li></ul>

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