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<p><strong>Denver &mdash; March 12</strong><br />Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corp. is poised in the fifth position (up from #7) on <em>The Denver Business Journal</em>&rsquo;s Denver-Area Software Developers list this week (March 9-15 issue).<br /><br />&ldquo;We have had an incredibly exciting year at Spectrum,&quot; Sybll Romley, president and CEO, said. &quot;As the role of the HR professional is evolving, there is a growing need for software and systems to be extremely functional in order to help business leaders achieve workforce excellence. </p><p>&quot;We provide an integrated HR solution that gives HR executives, managers and administrators the tools to increase their administrative efficiency and effectiveness. In turn, that enables them to focus on their people and aligning HR goals with corporate strategy.&rdquo;<br /><br />Spectrum&#39;s success and continued growth also can be attributed to strategic partnerships and certifications &mdash; Spectrum has been a Microsoft Partner since the early 1990s. </p><p>In 1999, Spectrum was the first to officially release a Web-native HR product. That product, iVantage, was the first HRIS to be third-party security tested and certified in 2006. </p><p>Spectrum&#39;s high standards for technological excellence, coupled with its vast HR expertise and knowledge, have supported its growth through the years.<br /><br />Spectrum is well-known as a great place to work, in addition to being in the top 10 on the Denver-Area Software Developers List for four years. </p><p>Spectrum&#39;s internal enthusiasm and energetic attitude is enhanced with a generous benefit plan and an employee- and family-friendly environment.<br /><br />&ldquo;The American workforce is changing at break-neck speed &mdash; there is a new generation of professionals entering the workforce,&quot; Romley said. &quot;That generation needs to be molded and developed into tomorrow&rsquo;s leaders, and at Spectrum, we are committed to doing that.&rdquo;</p>

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