Barcode Compliance Using MetaCare eMAR

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Floral Park, N.Y. — Oct. 21
Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC), located in Portsmouth, Ohio, announced it has achieved 96 percent barcode compliance using the MetaCare Enterprise eMAR point of care, barcode medication administration and documentation system provided by Meta Inc., based in Floral Park, NY.

Recent studies have shown that having full barcode compliance — scanning both the patient’s ID barcode and the medication barcode at time of administration — results in fewer than one-tenth of one percent of patients experiencing a medication error that leads to serious consequences.

The studies also indicate that most hospitals using point of care barcode technology were only able to obtain about 85 percent compliance. SOMC has been able to achieve 96 percent compliance enterprise-wide, with the pediatric department experiencing almost 100 percent.

“We are able to follow the five rights of medication administration and can say that we truly are following the safest way to deliver meds to a patient,” said Valerie DeCamp, director of nursing inpatient services and accreditation for SOMC. “The software has the appearance of our old paper model, which makes it easier for the nurses to learn and follow their daily workflow.”

The MetaCare Enterprise eMAR utilizes barcode technology to help SOMC eliminate medication errors at the critical point of care. The system automates the medication documentation process while integrating such tasks as vital sign documentation. It allows the nurse to monitor the specific up to the minute patient indices, including laboratory results, deemed valuable to an individual patient.

Meta’s eMAR can alert the nurse when timed events are due, e.g., documentation of follow-up pain assessment or removal of a patch. In addition, eMAR allows the nurse to document progress notes, adverse drug reactions and medication incidences, in one location.

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