Solutions for Senior Moments

A technology currently being tested among IBM employees dynamically links images, sounds and text recorded in a memory database. Dubbed “Pensieve,” the tool facilitates the recall of key data points people experience on a daily basis.

A photo of a contact made at a trade show, for instance, will be associated with a picture of that person’s business card if the photos were taken at the same time and location. The data record includes the person’s image, the conference and the date and time.

“The software was developed to solve ‘tip of the tongue’ situations, sometimes called ‘senior moments,’” said Yaakov Navon, lead researcher and image processing expert for IBM’s Haifa Research Lab in Israel. “We know something but cannot recall [it].”

Memories can be queried by time, location, contact name or phone number. The search engine preceded the technology, but processing engines and user interface were developed for it.

The database was created with both businesspeople and everyday consumers in mind.

“Each target has somewhat different needs,” Navon said. “Businesspeople meet with other people whom they would like to recall later and are exposed to a lot of information that otherwise might get lost. Everyday consumers might want a life-log of their whereabouts and experiences, which they might want to later share with friends and family.”
Images and other data are downloaded from mobile devices and broken out by their relationships to meetings on the user’s calendar. For example, digital pictures taken during an…



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