SofTulz.Net Announces Purgos Version 3.0

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SofTulz.Net announces Purgos Version 3.0. open source computer management for the enterprise. Purgos provides administrators of any size network with a computer management solution the company says lacks the price tag typically associated with this type of an application.

Software inventory and asset management are important tasks in today's ever-changing IT industry, SofTulz.Net says. Purgos is designed to simplify these tasks with “dynamic” data collection, organizational grouping of assets and real-time information.

Computer maintenance and system updates are a necessary part of keeping a computer network running smoothly and efficiently. Typically these tasks need to be run while users are not present, such as evenings or weekends. Purgos aims to simplify this process by providing administrators with the means to easily schedule maintenance and system updates to run during these times.

SofTulz.Net says obtaining access to a Windows desktop is an invaluable operation when a user needs immediate assistance or the administrator wants to manipulate the computer as if physically located at the computer. Therefore, the company says this integral part of Purgos also is made accessible through firewalls and routers.

Security is an important, integral part of Purgos, the company said. This means ensuring that data is not compromised. Purgos authenticates all connections and aims to make sure data transferred between the administrator and the computers that are managed is encrypted.

By leveraging Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Windows Registry, Windows Device Manager and Windows Product Keys administrators are able to retrieve virtually all system information, SofTulz.Net says; and combining all of these tools in a flexible interface provides administrators with a wide range of information, including the computer's hardware, installed components, network settings and its operating system.

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