Social Networking Enters HR with Mentor Scout 2.0

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<p><strong>Honolulu &mdash; July 11</strong><br />Mentor Scout, a division of Nobscot Corp., has released a new edition of its talent management software that adds broad social networking capabilities designed to help nurture and retain the 75 million Generation Y workers entering the workforce.&nbsp; </p><p>The program is the first to use social networking tools &mdash; a vital part of everyday life for younger people today &mdash; to promote employee interaction, collaboration, recognition and self-expression.<br /><br />Mentor Scout&rsquo;s new Talent Networking Edition enables employees to create MySpace-style profiles about their professional and personal lives as a means of engaging them with the organization.&nbsp; </p><p>The social networking functions are arranged in tabs such as &ldquo;Projects&rdquo; (for posting information about work projects, challenges or ideas);&nbsp; &ldquo;Applause&rdquo; (for praise or thank-yous from colleagues); &ldquo;Favorites&rdquo; (for listing preferences on issues such as Web sites, books, blogs, classes, lunch spots and productivity tools); and &ldquo;Get Togethers&rdquo; (for arranging social meetings). <br /><br />These tools are intended to help employers address the retention challenges posed by the up-and-coming generation of workers who are more likely to job-hop, require constant praise and seek a work-life balance than their baby boomer counterparts.&nbsp; </p><p>By adding social networking to talent management, Mentor Scout is pioneering a new &ldquo;talent networking&rdquo; strategy aimed at speeding employee onboarding, increasing job satisfaction, encouraging cross-departmental cooperation and reducing turnover.<br /><br />&ldquo;The new generation of workers has a completely different work style, including an intended one- or two-year tenure per job that could paralyze employers, as well as result in billions of dollars in productivity losses,&rdquo; said Bruce H. Daly, president of Nobscot&rsquo;s Mentor Scout division. &ldquo;Keeping these employees happy in the workplace is becoming a top priority, and social networking offers a practical vehicle that fits their habits, preferences and reliance on technology for connecting with other people.&rdquo;<br /><br />Mentor Scout&rsquo;s Talent Networking Edition also includes all the features available in the earlier edition of the mentoring and networking platform, including a self-service mentor matching function that has facilitated more than 650 mentorships between senior and new or high-potential employees in the last two years for organizations from Best Buy and The Home Depot to General Mills and the Magazine Publishers of America. </p>

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