So You Want to Be an IT Major

In today’s competitive job market, IT candidates are beefing up their resumes, brushing up on their soft skills and constantly in search of ways to set themselves apart.

What these students might not realize, however, is that the No. 1 consideration for employers when recruiting college graduates is academic majors, according to a survey conducted by job site earlier this year.

Selecting an undergraduate major therefore is an important decision for any aspiring IT professional. Yet, students should not feel limited or locked into traditional choices. While information systems and computer science programs remain the most popular, employers recruiting IT professionals have indicated the need for well-rounded individuals — students who go beyond the traditional technical training and opt for programs that also hone their business skills.

To get a better understanding of the state of IT degree programs today, let’s take a look at their evolution through the years.

IT Education Through Time

Back in the early 1970s, computer science was the only option for students interested in IT as an academic major, said Kate Kaiser, an IT professor at Marquette University.

Kenneth Wagner, an IT network manager and part-time lecturer in the U.K., can confirm this firsthand. When Wagner was in college, he considered a number of degree programs all related to computing.

“I wanted to go into software engineering, [but] within the first year, all of the part-time degree courses were merged into one, and everyone that was left ended up on the general…

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