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The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) released the Architect – Assessment, Planning and Design (#S10-300) exam last week, the third in a trilogy of new tests for the credentialing organization. The exam is designed for storage network architects who evaluate data requirements from a business vantage point and devise solutions that meet organizational needs.


“This exam basically rounds out our goals for this past year and really rounds out our portfolio of offerings,” said Peter Manjiak, director of education at SNIA. “Our first step was to put in the Storage Network Foundations exam, which is thriving. Then we came out with the Storage Management/Administration exam in January. This is the next big piece. We’re addressing the major audiences that we see out there in the storage networking industry.”


The main content areas of the exam are detailed in its title, Manjiak said. “Assessment, planning and design—those are our three main areas. That’s what an architect does, and that’s what we focus on. You’ve got to be able to collect information, assess the environment technically, and then plan and design your solution.”


The Assessment portion of the Architect exam covers issues like disaster recovery, assessment of current systems and validation of SAN solutions. The Planning component deals with topics like server and storage consolidation, creation of procedural checklists and arrangement of architecture solutions for scalability, capacity and interoperability. The Design part of the test addresses putting technologies together for optimal availability and backup capabilities. The exam also involves, to a lesser extent, problem resolution and troubleshooting.


SNIA’s Architect – Assessment, Planning and Design exam is high-stakes, with 50 questions, Manjiak said. It is available, in English only, at all Thomson Prometric testing centers. Test-takers in the United States and Canada will have 60 minutes to complete it, while those in other countries will have 90 minutes.


Manjiak also said SNIA released its Qualified Sales Professional exam, designed for salespeople who have broad knowledge of storage concepts and an understanding of interoperability and storage networking solutions. Candidates can take the test online, and if they pass, they’ll receive a PDF certificate and SNIA logo electronically.


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