SNIA Introduces Next Step for Storage Professionals

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SNIA and Infinity I/O Release Third-Level Storage Certification



The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Infinity I/O Inc.
have released the third-level certification in the SNIA Fibre Channel –
SAN Certification Program, the Fibre Channel Storage Networking
Specialist. Infinity I/O developed the vendor-neutral exam along with
Galton Technologies and leading storage vendors and solution providers.



“The plan all along was that we were going to offer a road map for the
technical professionals, said Deborah Johnson, president and CEO of
Infinity I/O. “Given that a number of the companies in the storage space
already have their own product certification, it was important to work
with them to make the certification complementary. From the viewpoint of
SNIA—they’re moving the whole industry forward—it was really a perfect
opportunity to start defining that foundation that member companies
could build on with their own certifications.”



The Specialist certification is designed for IT professionals with
advanced knowledge of systems architecture and product design.
Candidates must know how to design and configure a fibre channel storage
area network (FC SAN) and must understand performance and
interoperability issues. The Specialist certification is appropriate for
IT professionals working as support specialists, system architects,
product designers, trainers and consultants.



“It’s designed for an IT professional, somebody who has one to three
years of experience working with networking in SANs,” said Johnson. “It
covers a whole life cycle of designing and implementing a SAN.”



The Specialist exam covers seven main areas:



* Fibre Channel operation
* Implementation of FC SANs
* Identification and implementation of FC SAN software
* Performance measurement through analysis and monitoring tools
* Use of management tools
* Troubleshooting
* Evaluation of FC SANs



The first two levels of certification were launched in Fall 2001. The
Fibre Channel Storage Networking Professional certification is non-
technical and is designed for sales and marketing professionals, while
the Fibre Channel Storage Networking Practitioner certification offers a
fundamental exam covering the features, functions and technologies
related to FC SANs.



IT professionals with experience in storage networking can take the
Specialist exam at Prometric test centers for $365. For more information
about the program, see



BEA and Sun Team to Deliver Web-Based Training

BEA Systems Inc. and Sun Microsystems are partnering to offer new
learning solutions to customers. BEA and Sun will provide Web-based
training on the BEA WebLogic Workshop development environment, Java
technologies, XML, Linux and the Solaris operating environment.



The training on BEA WebLogic Workshop will help BEA and Sun customers
speed development on the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform, increasing
productivity and lowering total cost of ownership on existing BEA
technologies in the process. In addition to training on the BEA WebLogic
Workshop development environment, customers will be able to train on
other networking technologies, including the Java platform, which will
enable the deployment of more robust Web services applications.



Sun will deliver the training through the Sun Web Learning Center, an e-
learning portal. BEA and Sun will offer self-paced training that
customers can access anytime, anywhere via a Web browser.



According to Lynn Vojvodich, vice president of Education Services at BEA
Systems, Web-based training allows developers and IT professionals to
get convenient and cost-effective training. Web-based training can
happen at the learner’s convenience, as opposed to instructor-led
training, which requires the learner to adapt his schedule to
accommodate the training.



To find out more about the new Web-based training offerings, go to




NACSE Introduces Standards and Best Practices with NEP Program



The National Association of Communication Systems Engineers (NACSE) has
launched the NACSE NEP (NACSE Endorsed Provider) Compliant Partner
Program. The NACSE intends the program to establish quality standards
and best practices, helping members establish sound business practices,
standards and guidelines that will evolve along with the IT industry.



According to a recent announcement, one of the NEP Development Board
members described the program as being “the ISO 9000, the Baldrige
Awards and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, rolled into one
quality standards program focused on the IT industry.”



The NACSE NEP Compliant Partner Program is designed for IT companies
that sell, support and represent the technologies, products and services
of the IT industry. It is a multi-tiered program, with three tiers
providing opportunities for both small operations as well as national-
level firms to be members. Members fall under four categories:
networking/data communications companies, telecommunications companies,
Web design and development firms and programming companies. Alcatel
Corp., a leading communications company, has partnered with NACSE in
supporting the program.



The NEP program covers five major business areas that are of specific
concern to the IT industry:



* Administrative standards for IT
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