SNIA: Helping Pros Enter the Growing Storage Marketplace

The amount of digital information created and replicated each year is growing at astounding rates, boasting a tenfold jump in the past five years alone. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

As a result, the challenge of managing, protecting and securing this data also has risen exponentially. Organizations continue to look for specialists who can manage networked storage effectively and can design and deploy storage networking solutions using a variety of tools, products and methodologies.

According to a March white paper by the International Data Corp. (IDC), titled “The Diverse and Exploding Digital Universe ,” more than 1 million new storage professionals will be needed by 2012.

For an IT network or system administrator making the move to storage administrator — either in job title or in responsibility change — the process of acquiring and validating skills in this practice can seem daunting. Should he go for a vendor-specific or a vendor-neutral certification?

Most network storage hardware and software vendors have a certification track, allowing a professional who utilizes their equipment to validate and credential skills, stay abreast of new developments and understand more fully the capabilities and functionality of these products. A key advantage in a vendor-sponsored certification is that an IT professional learns what he or she needs to know on the products currently being used.

These are helpful certifications, but storage networking is more than a single product or set of tools. It’s often about routing, switching, deploying…



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