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The Storage Industry Networking Association has announced it is planning to add a new exam to its SNIA Certified Systems Engineer (SCSE) certification curriculum this week. SCSE candidates will have to successfully complete the SNIA Storage Management/Administration exam (#S10-200), scheduled for release this Friday, along with the SNIA Storage Network Foundations exam (#S10-100) to receive the credential.


The Storage Management/Administration exam, which has 51 questions and a 66 percent passing score, tests participants’ understanding of storage management and administration of a SAN. Exam topics include performance, fibre channel security and fibre channel protocol change management. The test will cover fibre channel technology where appropriate, but it will not cover basic concepts and technologies or detailed developer topics.


“(The exam) validates their skills and knowledge for an up-and-coming role in the industry,” said Peter Manijak, education director of SNIA. “We did a very comprehensive and detailed job task analysis last June. We focused on three key roles: one was the storage manager/administrator, one was the architect, and one was the implementation specialist. We have full description behind each one of those job titles. We basically went out to our audiences and asked them to rank the value of skills and knowledge, and also rank the value of the task. In addition, we identified the greatest training needs. With that data, we were really able to target our exam based on what these people do on a day-to-day basis.”


After applying these comments on skills and job tasks in several weeks of beta testing, SNIA certification developers produced a high-quality, germane exam for storage management, Manijak said. He added that this was part of a broader effort from SNIA to produce concentrated, detailed exams for its specialized certifications, and that another one—the Assessment, Planning & Design (#S11-300) exam for the SNIA Architect credential—would enter a beta testing phase soon.


“What we’re trying to do is really target and focus our tests,” he said. “That way you don’t get the same questions in the Architect test that you do in the Storage Management test.”


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