SmarThumb: Portable Software for USB Devices

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<p><strong>Petaling Jaya, Malaysia &mdash; Dec. 3</strong><br />Intranet Sdn Bhd has released new versions of SmarThumb my.encoder, my.backup, my.shredder and, a suite of portable software for USB devices. These new versions support Windows Vista, do not require administration rights and have zero footprint.<br /><br />SmarThumb is a complete suite of portable software that can be downloaded into any USB storage device, including USB flash drives, external USB hard disks and flash memory cards. SmarThumb marries useful software applications with the convenience and portability of USB drives.<br /><br />As SmarThumb does not operate from the host PC, no prior installation of its application is required. There is no messing around with preferences and configurations, which has always made it a pain to share PCs. And when you are done, just unplug the device and go, safe in the knowledge that none of your personal information remains on the host PC.<br /><br />SmarThumb my.encoder is a data encryption program that stops prying eyes and safeguards the privacy of your data and work files by protecting them with industrial-strength encryption. Encrypting with my.encoder makes it virtually impossible for anyone to access your data without your passphrase. You can even set a shared passphrase with your friends and colleagues so they can decrypt the files you send them. The program has a drag-and-drop feature for convenient encryption/decryption.<br /><br />SmarThumb my.backup will back up your files for easy recovery when disaster strikes &mdash; when your PC crashes or when the power fails. With my.backup, your files are automatically backed up while you work. The program lets you set multiple backup plans to run simultaneously. You can also run a flexible backup schedule for each backup plan. Each backup plan keeps 10 copies of the history files to facilitate a more complete disaster recovery.<br /><br />SmarThumb my.shredder works as a digital shredder. When you delete a file in Windows, it is still recoverable. To be secure, you need to shred it to prevent recovery. With my.shredder, your files are deleted with WIPE, a highly secure method that ensures deleted files are no longer recoverable. This program has a user-friendly interface that lets you drag and drop your files and have them shredded in a matter of seconds.<br /><br />SmarThumb can compress your files to increase the capacity of your storage device by up to 10 times (flash drives, hard drives, network drives, etc). With;s easy to use and high-speed compression rate, most files are compressed in mere seconds. The program can decompress WinZip, WinRAR and Microsoft Cabinet compressed files. Compressed files remain in the same location &mdash; no new folders are created. All files are compressed as Microsoft Cabinet (.cab) format and can be opened without<br /><br />SmarThumb will prove to be a highly useful tool for the executive who travels, the ordinary computer user, students and even those who do not have their own PC. SmarThumb applications were written for the layman, with easy to use operations, less than five minutes to learn and a user-friendly interface.<br /><br />SmarThumb&#39;s new releases run under Windows 2000/XP/Vista and may be purchased securely online on  You can download a free, limited functionality trial version from the same Web address. </p>

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