Businesses Accelerate Investment in Management

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<p><b>San Mateo, Calif. &mdash; Feb. 27</b><br/>SuccessFactors has announced that a record number of small and midsized businesses (SMBs) across a variety of industries selected SuccessFactors&rsquo; Web-based solution to automate performance management processes. </p><p>SuccessFactors customers are using the tool to increase employee productivity and align overall company performance behind common goals. </p><p>An unprecedented number of small and midsize companies, ranging from the 25-employee design agency Mojave Creative to the popular consumer Web site Shutterfly, are now leveraging the on-demand performance and talent management solution to transform their business by focusing on their people. </p><p>Built on best practices learned from SuccessFactors&rsquo; successful implementations at enterprise companies including Wachovia Bank, Kimberly-Clark Corp. and MasterCard Worldwide, SuccessFactors technology helps SMBs drive business performance and support target growth plans.</p> <p>Small and midsized organizations face increasing pressures to maximize employee productivity, prepare for the looming talent crisis and address outdated manual, paper-based processes. </p><p>SuccessFactors&rsquo; on-demand solution is enabling companies to efficiently and cost-effectively implement performance reviews, 360-degree reviews, goal planning and compensation-planning initiatives.</p> <p>&ldquo;We want to continue to compete on a level with global agencies and, as such, need to figure out how we can continue to build and improve on what we are doing,&rdquo; said Brad Zabrowski, SuccessFactors customer and principal at Mojave Creative. &ldquo;We&rsquo;ve always advanced through technology and knew we needed to leverage it to help us grow. With SuccessFactors, we have begun to create a pay for performance culture where employees are encouraged to reach specific goals and are compensated based on their contributions.&rdquo;</p> <p>SuccessFactors&rsquo; SMB product offering has been designed specifically for organizations with 25 to 1,500 employees. </p><p>The on-demand architecture enables SMBs to implement the technology within hours and without the need for extensive IT support. The solution also allows companies to add users and functionality when needed to meet a company&rsquo;s growing needs.</p> <p>&ldquo;Small companies don&rsquo;t have the IT resources to support software installations and constant updates nor the resources to train people on a difficult application,&rdquo; said Shelly Davenport, SuccessFactors general manager of small business. &ldquo;SuccessFactors&rsquo; software-as-a-service solution is an easy to use, cost-effective option that has quickly gained ardent and avid support in the SMB world based on the results it has delivered to our customer base.&rdquo;</p>

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