Small Businesses See More Spam

MessageLabs has released its March Intelligence Report, which analyzes patterns in Web-based threats during the first quarter of 2007. Quarter-on-quarter spam levels have risen to 76.3 percent, their highest in two years.

The report highlights the impact of increased spam levels on small to midsized businesses — these organizations receive more than double the volume of spam per user each month than what’s received by large enterprises.

MessageLabs has decided to dedicate close study to this issue, going so far as to launch a Small Business Security Clinic. Its first initiative is a contest to win a free “security makeover.”

Through a questionnaire on its Web site, the research firm hopes to find six of the most IT security-challenged small businesses in the United States and United Kingdom that will receive MessageLabs’ e-mail and Web security services free for one year. Entries are due by May 11.

The point of this contest is to raise awareness among small businesses of the security issues they face and how these differ from large companies’.

“We’re trying to make [small businesses] aware of and understand threats to their businesses, what those are and how they could potentially manifest themselves and really focus on the key risks and eliminate them as much as possible,” said Paul Wood, MessageLabs senior analyst. “Small businesses tend to try and take the problem in hand themselves and end up with a mixture of different solutions that don’t necessarily integrate very well, and…



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