SkyCross Provides Antennas for Samsung’s BlackJack II, Juke, F700

<strong>Viera, Fla. &mdash; Feb. 6</strong><br />SkyCross, a global wireless company providing antenna-centric RF solutions, announced it is providing antennas for three landmark Samsung handsets: BlackJack II, Juke and SGH-F700. The BlackJack II tops smartphone sales at AT&T; the Juke is a best-selling music phone for Verizon; and the F700, a rival to the iPhone, is a new, award-winning addition to the Ultra portfolio offered by Vodafone. <br /> <br />SkyCross provides Samsung with unparalleled design and manufacturing services from its three facilities in Korea. Versatile SkyCross antenna technology provides the freedom to design sleek, feature-rich devices that operate on many frequency bands often with a single, small antenna. SkyCross antennas are designed to conserve battery life as features are added, offering optimal radio-frequency systems performance. The BlackJack II, Juke and F700 are prime examples of handsets benefiting from the advantages of SkyCross antennas. <br /> <br />After huge success with the first BlackJack (SGH-i607), Samsung turned to SkyCross again to develop its successor. The single SkyCross antenna in the BlackJack II (SGH-i617) covers six frequency bands without hindering the smartphone&rsquo;s very slim design. According to Piper Jaffray, the BlackJack II was among the top-selling smartphones at AT&T in December. <br /> <br />The Juke (SCH-U470) is a MP3 player phone just more than 1 inch wide, with a form factor that swivels 180 degrees. SkyCross antennas enable CDMA, Bluetooth and GPS capability. Piper Jaffray identifies this handset as one of Verizon&rsquo;s best-selling music phones.<br /> <br />The F700 is a very sleek touch screen…



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