Intel Chose SkyCross to Provide WiMAX Antennas

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<p><strong>Viera, Fla. &mdash; Nov. 14</strong><br />SkyCross, a global wireless company providing antenna-centric RF solutions, announced that Intel has chosen internal SkyCross WiMAX antennas for the Dana Point Express34 PC card reference design. The versatile SkyCross antenna technology is embedded into these new, narrower PC cards, enabling device manufacturers to create stylish designs that appeal to consumer electronics buyers. The solution implements a diversity configuration with ample isolation between the two antennas so each antenna delivers excellent performance. <br /><br />The SkyCross 2.5 GHz antennas in the Dana Point design support WiMAX service in the United States, particularly for the Sprint Nextel network, as well as parts of Europe and Asia. The SkyCross antennas are very efficient, enabling a high percentage of electrical power supplied to the antenna to be converted into electromagnetic power. The antennas also offer better return loss, with at least 90 percent of the electrical energy generated by the radio transferred into electromagnetic wave energy. These performance characteristics offer longer battery life and a highly satisfactory user experience, increasingly important attributes for new wireless technologies intended for mass markets.<br /><br />This announcement follows several important developments. Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel, invested in SkyCross last year as part of a larger technology collaboration. SkyCross continues to work with Intel to develop next-generation wireless applications. SkyCross later launched a product family supporting WiMAX and announced design wins for the Samsung SPH-H1100 and SPH-H100 WiMAX PC cards. In March 2007, SkyCross applied its technology leadership in larger Express54 PC cards offered by major U.S. network operators and introduced a product line for the smaller Express34 PC cards. These products support any network protocol including 1xEV-DO, UMTS, and HSPA as well as WiMAX.<br /><br />&ldquo;We are delighted that SkyCross was selected for the Dana Point project and look forward to working closely with Intel on new designs,&rdquo; said Joseph Gifford, vice president of business development at SkyCross. &ldquo;The SkyCross-Intel collaboration continues to strengthen and validate our product development efforts for important new market segments.&rdquo; </p>

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