Skills Council Takes Smartcard Route

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<p><strong>York, England &mdash; Nov. 19</strong><br />Sector Skills Council Cogent is to employ the contactless smartcard technology used for Transport for London&#39;s Oystercard to provide secure, Web-based learning for employees in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear, oil and gas, petroleum and polymers sectors.<br /><br />Cogent has commissioned learning technology provider MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) to produce a passport and upskilling platform that records personal learning and development.<br /><br />A joint initiative with personal identity card supplier Payne Security sees Payne integrating the same technology used on behalf of Transport for London with MKM&#39;s Multi-Port e-portfolio system.<br /><br />Launched at the first Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit (HCSIT) in Maastricht, Holland, in October, Multi-Port is a flexible e-portfolio designed to easily manage all aspects of assessment and evidence-based reflective learning.<br /><br />Modular in design, it can be extended and customized to provide the features required of user curriculum, from formal competency-based assessments to online spaces, where learners can reflect informally on their experiences.<br /><br />The product suite constitutes three core elements, targeted to different assessment styles and learning methods that work seamlessly together or stand alone.<br /><br />Thought-Port is a blog-like reflection space for learners to keep a log of their learning and experiences, chat about them with other center members and map experiences against a qualification framework.<br /><br />Skills-Port enables learners to manage formal assessments. Evidence of learning can be mapped to structured requirements, whether NVQ, a Foundation Degree or a particular set of work-based competencies.<br /><br />Centre-Port offers remote tutor and assessor support, online, allowing staff to keep in touch with learners whether in or remote from the workplace.<br /><br />MKM is well placed to contribute to the long-term success of Cogent&rsquo;s upskilling infrastructure implementation.<br /><br />The York-based company has broad experience working with Sector Skills Councils, primarily as a provider of virtual academy platforms for managing skills and competencies across industry sectors, including food and drink manufacturing, sport and active leisure, care and retail.<br /><br />More information is available at </p>

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