Six Reasons Performance Power Grid Trumps

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<p><strong>Hoboken, N.J. &mdash; Aug. 2</strong><br />We live in a constantly evolving world. From cars to cell phones to computers, nothing is quite the same as it was a decade (or even a year) ago. </p><p>Efficiency and quality continuously improve in the products we use every day, so why not in the management methodologies we use to run the businesses that create these improved products? </p><p>Does it make any sense that most businesses are still using the same ineffective management methodology they used back in the &#39;80s, the balanced score card?<br /><br />David Giannetto, lead author of &quot;The Performance Power Grid: The Proven Method to Create and Sustain Superior Organizational Performance,&quot; said that although this method was a good step 20 years ago, it has been failing to live up to the promise of improving organizations for years. </p><p>The good news is that he has developed a management methodology that has demonstrated that organizational performance can be greatly improved by moving beyond the antiquated balanced score card approach. </p><p>It is called the performance power grid, the management methodology of the 21st century, and it can take your company to the next level.<br /><br /> The Power Grid creates sustainable, superior organizational performance by closing the gap between strategy and execution, properly focusing employees and giving them the information they need to make better, timelier decisions. </p><p>It transforms individual, tactical employee actions into a unified effort in which everything everyone does is focused on driving the performance of the entire organization.<br /><br />&quot;To be successful today, company leaders need to take advantage of the new methodologies that are available,&quot; Giannetto said. &quot;Continuing to use an approach that is no&nbsp; only ineffective but also will never yield an ROI just doesn&#39;t make sense. </p><p>&quot;The performance power grid focuses on getting the right information into the hands of those who need it, so they can make better, timelier decisions. Not only are they solving problems more quickly and making better, more informed decisions, all of which are now helping to achieve larger strategic objectives, the power grid has also removed manual processes, identified ineffective ones and given the organization an ROI.&quot; </p>

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