Show Me the Skills: Collabera Values Demonstration of Knowledge

Four-dollar gas, rising food prices and high-profile layoffs: It’s hard to avoid the effects of a sinking economy. But despite recession woes, IT professionals are in luck. The outlook for IT hiring is very positive. In fact, according to Computerworld’s first-half “2008 Vital Signs” survey, nearly 40 percent of IT managers said they expect to increase headcount this year, up from 33 percent in 2007.

As a result, getting a degree in IT is looking more and more attractive to college students every day. Meanwhile, there are arguably more certification tests available now than ever before. With such a boom in IT education, many companies must turn to other mechanisms to differentiate between potential hires.

Collabera is no exception. The $325 million global company provides services mostly to the top 2,000 companies in the areas of application development and management, independent testing, outsourced product development, enterprise software solutions, business intelligence and data warehousing. Collabera operates 22 offices and six distribution centers across the U.S., Europe, India and China.

To satisfy its business needs, Collabera seeks candidates who demonstrate both technical expertise and management capabilities, and hires mostly mid-tier individuals who have between five and eight years of experience — although recent college graduates and senior professionals together account for about half of new hires.

The company therefore distinguishes its more than 4,000 employees not by their academic background but by their experience — both technical and nontechnical.

“Education has become table stakes in the new economy,” said Kevin…



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