Should I Stay or Should I Go? Deciding The Time for the Job Hunt

Imagine, for a moment, that a former colleague just started looking for a new job and has told you that hiring conditions are quite favorable. You possess similar skills and wonder if it’s time for you to initiate your own search and pursue a new opportunity. You’re fairly content in your current position, but still wonder if you can do better. Should you launch a job hunt?

The answer is “maybe.” The Robert Half Technology IT Hiring and Skills Report has shown solid hiring expectations and that individuals with Windows administration (Windows Server 2000, 2003), network administration (Cisco, Nortel), database management (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server) and Web development expertise are in particular demand. If you think the timing is positive to make a career move, you should take a good look at all aspects of your current position before deciding whether to stay or go. Here are some key considerations:

The Job
Think about whether you enjoy the fundamentals of your work. Do you look forward to your projects or dread going into the office every morning? Remember, everyone has aspects of their jobs that don’t appeal to them, but overall, you should be satisfied with the daily responsibilities. Your work should be meaningful and motivating.

Also take into account the workload. While most IT professionals are quite busy, you shouldn’t feel like you’re swimming upstream all the time while never achieving anything. Conversely, you shouldn’t feel bored or underutilized.

The Potential
Is there room to…



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