ShirleyBOARD Makes Distance Less of a Factor

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<p><strong>Santa Cruz, Calif. &mdash; Dec. 20</strong><br />Almost 39 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday season, according to AAA. For many of these people, the holiday season is a chance to visit elderly loved ones and catch up on news of their health and well-being. But many senior caregivers are keeping in touch and staying involved with their loved ones year-round, even from great distances.<br /><br />For example, Mark Willaman, founder of ShirleyBOARD, lives in California but cares for his aging mother in New Jersey. As a way to keep family and friends involved with his mother&rsquo;s health, activities and overall well-being, he turned to the power of the Internet and launched<br /><br />ShirleyBOARD, named after Willaman&rsquo;s mother, takes the concept of a community bulletin board to help the growing number of Americans caring for aging family members connect with each other and make their task easier. The free site allows caregivers to centrally store important information, keep a log of daily activities for family and friends to view, and network with other caregivers for support and inspiration.<br /><br />Some of the tools include: Online Journal to keep a record of caregiving activities; The PillBox to record prescription information, including names of medicines, dose sizes, etc; Document Keeper for uploading wills, power of attorney forms and other documents that you need to keep track of; Photo Keeper for sharing photos; and Be a Peer/Find a Peer for users to search for fellow caregivers to get assistance or just connect to ask questions and share tips and stories.<br /><br />&ldquo;Connecting with other caregivers who have similar distance issues and hearing how they manage their situations has been amazing,&rdquo; commented Mark Williaman. &ldquo;I hope this holiday season that more caregivers discover the joy that ShirleyBOARD has brought myself and many others.&rdquo; </p>

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