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These questions are based on 70-632: TS – Microsoft Office Project 2007, Configuring
Microsoft Self Test Software Practice Test

Objective: Set up a project.
Sub-objective: Import and export data.

Single answer, multiple-choice

In a master project, you insert a new project for which you have no resources. You want to assign resources to the new project. What should you do?

  1. Use resources from the master project.
  2. Use generic resources.
  3. Set the Leveling calculations option to Automatic.
  4. Create temporary resources.

B. Use generic resources.

You should use generic resources in this scenario. You will first need to create generic resources and then assign them to the tasks in your project. If you do not have any specific resources available, the recommended option is to create generic resources and assign them to your project. Once you have specific resources available to perform the tasks, you can replace the generic resources with the specific resources.

You cannot use resources from the master project. In this scenario, you have inserted the project into the master project, but simply inserting the projects into a master project will not grant you automatic access to the master project’s resources.

You should not set the Leveling calculations option to Automatic. You can configure this option by selecting LevelResources from the Tools menu. In the Resource Leveling dialog box, you can configure the Leveling calculations option to Automatic. This option is set to Automatic by default and is used for leveling resource allocation to different tasks. When you have resources over-allocated to tasks, you should use this option to level resources’ work. Leveling is not possible until resources actually are assigned to the project.

You should not create temporary resources in this scenario. The most suitable option is to create generic resource instead of temporary resources, which do not exist in Project.

Microsoft Office Project > Products > Project > Project 2007 Help and How-to > Managing resources and assignments > Add resources to your project

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