Service Tackles Unemployed Job Seekers’ New Enemy

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Orange Park, Fla. — Feb. 19
Time spent looking for work can become the worst enemy of the unemployed. To combat its effects, a new service aims to compress job search time as much as 50 percent.

New data is showing the time to find a new job has increased to almost 20 weeks. Unemployed job seekers are losing thousands in lost income every month. And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we now have almost 12 million unemployed and growing.

The need exists for a way to help job seekers save money and get hired faster. A new service from Hire Passage uses a combination of techniques and technology to try to cut job search time.

“Job seekers are already bleeding financially,” said Herman Collins, chief people officer, Hire Passage LLC. “Now they are getting blindsided every week by tens of thousands of newly unemployed competitors. It is the increased time to find work that is so hurtful. The new urgency for job seekers is to get their job search going really fast. That is what our service helps them do.”

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