Serious Games in Development

The words “serious” and “game” generally are not associated with each other. After all, a game is a recreational activity by definition — it’s more likely to be paired with “fun.”

Increasingly, however, businesses are incorporating “serious games” as a way to train employees. But each business has different needs, and it can be difficult to determine what type of game and training program will be most effective.

Considering the wide range of games available, what do companies need to know about buying and implementing serious games?

One of the most important factors is who is providing the content. Game developers who have partnered with some form of subject-matter expert will likely produce more useful games.

For example, Distil Interactive is a company that makes digital game-based learning specifically focused on the standards and certification market.

The company recently partnered with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), owner of the Quality Management Institute (QMI), to create two games to help train its members.

These games provide companies with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement an effective emergency response plan, as well as prepare companies for ISO audits.

Kenton White, Distil Interactive CTO, said serious games are able to counteract resistance to a process such as ISO certification.

“When companies sign on to become ISO-certified, it’s a large investment, and the benefit to the company is really that now they can have a better-quality workplace,” White said. “Many employees…



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