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Feature Articles


Certification Feature
Certification in Academia
Sarah Stone
There’s a quiet debate raging within colleges and corporations across the IT industry about certification’s place within college campuses. Universities want to provide a broad IT education, corporations want pre-trained, certified employees, and students just want to get their degrees and get gainfully employed.


Job Roles Feature
IT Business Analyst: Delivering Benefits to the Enterprise
Patrick von Schlag

There have been many hot jobs over the years in IT, from Cisco gurus to security experts. However, the job function with the best chance for long-term staying power across technologies is the powerful new job role of the business analyst.

Techniques Feature
IT Career Navigation: Chart Your Way to Success
Douglas Mechaber

IT used to be a field professionals came to from other areas. But now, schools offer a wide array of IT majors. With all these new paths, how do you earn those salaries that IT magazines list as median income in each category? How do you advance your career?




Tech Careers
Split Decision: Evaluating Multiple Employment Offers
Katherine Spencer Lee

Though some IT professionals might still find it difficult to secure an employment offer from the company of their choice, those with the most in-demand skills could find themselves with two or more offers from which to choose. It’s enviable to be courted by multiple employers, but deciding which position to accept is no simple task.


Consultant’s Corner
Getting New Clients: Three Easy Strategies for New Accounts

David Garrett
“More business.” It’s the credo of every consultant, for good reason: New business has a funny way of paying the rent (or the mortgage, or simply the down payment on the private island you’ve been dreaming about.) Of course, finding new business is harder than it sounds.


Virtual Village
Bored at Work?

Data Stream
News & Notes for Certified Professionals


How Tech’s “Long Tail” Is Changing Business

Brian Summerfield
The term “Long Tail” refers to the lower end of distribution and consumption in business. However, because of the impact of technology, it’s getting a significant amount of attention these days because apparently, there is a boatload of money to be made off of that Long Tail.




LexisNexis’ IT Pros: Ensuring Instant Information Transfer
Cari McLean

As one of the largest providers of Web-based research and information services, LexisNexis’ 2,000 IT professionals play a crucial role in supporting the real-time exchange of information to more than 5 million subscribers in 100 countries.


Inside Certification
RHCE: Learning the Linux Essentials
Alex Maier

The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a performance-based test that measures actual competency on live systems. So as a certificate holder, you’ll get more than a fancy title. Your title tells the world you know what you’re doing.


Specialty Certification
Cisco Certified Network Professional Enhancements
Ray Garra & Erik Ullanderson

To meet the need for skilled professionals, Cisco Systems refreshed its premier professional certification, CCNP, and integrated next-generation Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). Cisco is among the first to embed these technologies into a single routing system.




Editor’s Letter
A Break in the Clouds
Tim Sosbe

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