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CertMag’s 2003 Boot Camp Survey
Ed Tittel and Bill Brogden
For IT professionals in a hurry for career advancement, the accelerated training offered by boot camps can be a shortcut to success. Don’t take our word for it—we’ve polled hundreds of boot campers to share their thoughts with you.

IT Certification on Campus: Credentials in a League of Their Own
Jamie Mulkey, Ed.D.
As certified professionals, you know the value of training to your career. Studying for certifications on college campuses can give an extra edge to your IT education.

Mastering Security to Build Your Career
Jack Krichen
With security such an important demand for employers, IT professionals are moving to get themselves certified. But education is just one rung on the ladder.



CertMag’s Cisco StudyGuide



Assessing Your Certification Needs
Ed Tittel
Certifying new skills is an important part of getting ahead, but once you’re there, your work is just beginning. Keeping on top of recertification requirements helps your career develop best.

Microsoft Certification: Building the Human Foundation for Security
Lutz Ziob
It’s not surprising when an industry-leading company like Microsoft tackles an industry-required need like security. We’ll take you behind the scenes of credentials that go beyond the baseline.

Getting (and Keeping) the Edge in Tech Careers
Peter Childers
Technical skills may be your bread and butter, but don’t forget that a balanced diet relies on all food groups. Building other talents can only make your professional menu more appealing.



Three Painless Lessons in the Art of Accounting
David Garrett
Bookkeeping may not sound exciting, but your work isn’t through until the paperwork is complete. This month, Dave has three little rules to help you balance your business.

Negotiating Your Next Salary Increase
Paula Moreira
Hard times may have wreaked havoc for job-jumpers, but for those still laboring away, now may be a good time to increase your compensation. Here are some top tips for getting what you’re worth.

Finding New Sources of Work and Income
Ed Tittel
Independent or otherwise, the best way to keep busy in IT is to cultivate new work. Ed’s got some ideas on how to be a rainmaker.



Post-Class Resources: Which Are Most Valuable and Why?
Martin Bean

Some Good Things Never Change
David Foster, Ph.D.



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
A Tale of Two Surveys

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web

Novell’s CDE: Adapting for Survival
Douglas Mechaber
The IT industry can be an ever-changing beast, and for both programs and professionals alike, a certain amount of ongoing adaptation is critical. Novell’s CDE program is stronger because of it.

College Credits: Building on Success
Steve Morris
If certification celebrates anything, it’s the spirit of lifelong learning. IT professionals who want to continue their career advancement can consider converting certifications into degrees.

Position Yourself in a Positive Light
Katherine Spencer Lee
Education and experience are important, of course, but when it comes to getting ahead, you are your own secret weapon. Find out how to arm yourself strategically to hit the target every time.

CloseUp:The SANS GIAC Program
Ed Tittel
There are a lot of security programs these days, and more certifications still to come. But the SANS GIAC credentials are still among the strongest.


Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
When it comes to protecting perimeters, role-based access-control solutions help companies safeguard assets. IT experts should play their parts by learning more.

Considering Boot-Camp ROI
Warren Wyrostek M.Ed.
Didn’t get enough boot-camp information from CertMag’s Boot Camp Survey? Find out about one certification-seeker’s experience and learn how much return you can get on that boot-camp investment.

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