SenditCertified to Contribute to Obama’s Initiative

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<strong>Charlotte, N.C. &mdash; Jan. 14</strong><br />SenditCertified, a division of BioConfirm LLC, has initiated a private beta trial with Mid-Carolina Cardiology, offering proof that the company&#39;s Web-based, certified communications platform and patent-pending ePackage will not only benefit the medical and health care industries but will also provide a key component to President-elect Obama&#39;s electronic health record initiative. <br /><br />More specifically, SenditCertified&#39;s ultra-secure, simple-to-use communication system for sending, receiving and storing sensitive information worldwide via its fully certified platform will ensure medical professionals who use the system are in full compliance with all HIPAA and PHI regulations. <br /><br />”The SenditCertified technology single handedly provides the medical and health care industries with a simple approach to quickly and securely communicating with patients at a substantial savings,” remarked Steve McAdams, M.D. and CEO of Mid-Carolina Cardiology. “The pitfalls of standard e-mail communication put medical professionals at risk of violating HIPAA regulations, and the penalties are extreme. This system fully addresses these issues and provides multiple benefits.” <br /><br />During the course of the trial, Mid-Carolina Cardiology will benefit from the following SenditCertified features: <br /><br /><ul><li>Patent-pending ePackage.</li><li>Full encryption during transmission.</li><li>Audio and written messages.</li><li>Attached files of virtually any size.</li><li>Private data vault storage.</li><li>Fingerprint identity verification.</li></ul> <br />The various stages of the trial include patient data and test results upload to the SenditCertified platform, ultra-secure data transmission and delivery, and electronic medical record storage. <br /><br />”This system allows us to keep the continuity of care intact, and does not require any additional employee training &mdash; it is simple and easy to set up. Now our patients can receive their confidential test results, a personal voice message from their doctor or nurse and other important information via SenditCertified while we remain in compliance with all HIPAA and PHI regulations,” continued McAdams.

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