SelectMinds Underwrites HCI’s Corporate Social

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<p><strong>Washington, D.C. &mdash; Aug. 8</strong><br />The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and SelectMinds, a provider of corporate social networking solutions, have announced that SelectMinds will underwrite HCI&#39;s Corporate Social Networking education and research track. </p><p>The track is one of several topics addressed in HCI&#39;s Talent Strategy community of interest, a community HCI considers critical to organizations working to leverage human capital and gain a better understanding of the impact of Web 2.0 technologies on the enterprise.<br /><br />&quot;Companies that thrive in an environment with ever-growing requirements for globally dispersed knowledge and innovation are finding ways to connect their people virtually and in rea -time,&quot; said Allan Schweyer, HCI president and executive director. &quot;Corporate social networking helps today&#39;s businesses find creative ways to recruit, engage and retain their employees and facilitate knowledge sharing across the enterprise.&quot;<br /><br />Corporate social networking technology allows organizations to build powerful connections among and between groups of employees, retirees, women, new hires, top performers, corporate alumni and other affinity groups identified by the organization. </p><p>Corporate social networking also facilitates knowledge sharing, which speeds innovation and increases productivity.<br /><br />With the understanding that a well-connected workforce is a more engaged and productive workforce, this track will explore the many facets of corporate social networking. </p><p>Generation Y, for example, identifies connectivity as a critical factor when making the decision to join and stay with an organization.<br /><br />HCI&#39;s track is aimed at showing how corporate social networking can break down silos and increase cross-functional stakeholder buy in. </p><p>It explores how to establish and facilitate the use of corporate social networks, using the latest in Web 2.0 functionality. </p><p>The track will help human capital professionals navigate the many aspects of Web 2.0 and better understand how to use this technology throughout the organization.<br /><br />A panel of expert advisers, which includes Diane Pardee, SelectMinds chief marketing officer, examines the latest research, as well as best practices from companies that are leveraging corporate social networking for business results. </p><p>Advisers share information with human capital professionals through webcasts, white papers, education and other resources.<br /><br />&quot;Companies that have tapped into the power of corporate social networking have achieved phenomenal results,&quot; Pardee said. &quot;We&#39;re pleased to support the Human Capital Institute&#39;s education and research track to provide more organizations with industry research and best practices they can utilize to take advantage of a new, Web 2.0-based technology that can generate significant results.&quot;</p>

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