Corporate Social Networks for The Dow Chemical

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; Aug. 15</strong><br />SelectMinds Inc., a provider of corporate social networking solutions, has added The Dow Chemical Co. to its global client roster. </p><p>Using Web 2.0 functionality, SelectMinds provides private, secure corporate social networks for its clients that are looking to leverage workplace relationships for business value.<br /><br />Dow will implement SelectMinds&#39; solutions to build corporate social networks among and between groups of corporate alumni, women, retirees and employees. </p><p>The project will begin in the United States, with future implementation planned to include the company&#39;s global operations.<br /><br />&quot;We are excited about the potential value that increased connectivity will bring to all of our constituencies,&quot; said Kevin Small, who leads the Global Resource Management Center within Dow Human Resources. &quot;Our people are our greatest asset, and linking them more closely through corporate social networking will help to increase their levels of engagement and satisfaction.</p><p>&quot;SelectMinds&#39; expertise in designing, launching and growing online corporate social networks and their ability to integrate these networks within a single technology platform were critical to our selection.&quot;<br /><br />As is the case for many companies, a significant portion of Dow&#39;s workforce is eligible to retire over the next few years. To address this, Dow sought ways to stay in touch with retiring employees, continuing to use their industry knowledge and skills, and also recruit new employees to fill these critical positions. </p><p>With SelectMinds, Dow employees now have a way to stay in touch with retirees and create consulting opportunities for those interested in working on special projects or part time. </p><p>Retirees can, in turn, stay connected to one another and current Dow employees to ensure knowledge exchange and continued innovation.<br /><br />Dow also will implement SelectMinds WomenConnect, a corporate social networking solution designed to connect groups of current and former women employees to better engage, recruit and rehire this critical workforce segment throughout its U.S. operations.<br /><br />In addition, Dow will use SelectMinds to build a corporate alumni network of former employees that will serve as a recruiting channel to help replace retirees with rehires who are already familiar with the business.<br /><br />&quot;We look forward to working with Dow to help them build social networks among their various employee constituencies, allowing current and former Dow employees to develop relationships that will prove invaluable to them, as well as to Dow as an organization,&quot; said Anne Berkowitch, SelectMinds CEO. &quot;Organizations that embrace fluid, lifetime relationships with these constituencies will be more able to quickly respond to and capitalize on changing economic conditions, such as today&#39;s shortage of knowledge workers and retiring baby boomers. </p><p>&quot;As a forward-thinking organization, Dow has taken an important and aggressive step in combating these economic conditions in an effort to retain and engage the best and brightest in the industry.&quot;</p>

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