SelectMinds Launches Corporate Social Networking

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; July 18 </strong><br />SelectMinds Inc., a provider of corporate social networking (CSN) solutions, has launched WomenConnect, a CSN solution designed specifically to network current and former women employees. </p><p>CSNs are online, affinity-based social networks through which relationships can be leveraged for business value.<br /><br />WomenConnect centralizes women&#39;s initiatives and provides a secure, online community for women to share and solve work-life challenges. </p><p>The solution also enables women employees and alumnae to learn about networking events, find mentors, discuss career advancement, learn about flexible job opportunities and help understand how to return to the workforce if they have left. </p><p>WomenConnect incorporates Web 2.0 functionality and streamlines women&#39;s programs across the enterprise onto a single technology platform.<br /><br />&quot;The recruitment, retention and advancement of women at JPMorgan is a key priority and strategic business driver for our organization with executive-level support,&quot; said Alice Wang, JPMorgan managing director. &quot;What started as a home grown, grassroots effort is now an enterprisewide initiative that is built into the fabric of our company. Our program centers on building powerful connections among and between women throughout JPMorgan in an effort to foster increased knowledge sharing, education and empowerment.&quot;</p><p>Anne Berkowitch, SelectMinds CEO, agrees.</p><p>&quot;In today&#39;s war for talent, organizations need creative ways to engage, recruit and retain employees, particularly women, as more and more off-ramp and then decide not to return after a leave of absence,&quot; Berkowitch said. &quot;With WomenConnect, we are delivering the industry&#39;s first solution to help organizations build a powerful corporate social network of current and former women employees. </p><p>The result is a well-connected and engaged network, resulting in the retention and re-recruitment of women and generating good will among this important constituency.&quot;</p>

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