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<p><strong>New York &mdash; Oct. 10</strong><br />SelectMinds Inc., a provider of corporate social networking (CSN) solutions, has launched NewHireConnect. </p><p>NewHireConnect offers a new, relational approach to onboarding, as compared with traditional onboarding solutions that focus solely on administrative tasks. </p><p>SelectMinds NewHireConnect can easily integrate into existing HR systems, including administrative onboarding solutions.<br /><br />With SelectMinds NewHireConnect, hiring managers use CSN tools to preconfigure new hires&#39; corporate social network of colleagues that will be integral to their immediate success. </p><p>Connections can include direct supervisors, global team members, key business unit contacts and other colleagues who hold knowledge that will be important to their success. </p><p>SelectMinds NewHireConnect also lets new hires create a profile, easily connect with colleagues regardless of location, find centers of knowledge and quickly get up to speed on corporate news and events.<br /><br />”Relational onboarding is particularly important for enhancing retention,” said Allan Schweyer, president and  executive director of the Human Capital Institute (HCI). </p><p>HCI and Aberdeen Group recently conducted a study on how onboarding affects the engagement and employment longevity of new hires. </p><p>”The study showed that new hires often decide within the first six months if they will stay with a job,” Schweyer said. “New employees are particularly vulnerable if they aren&#39;t connected to their colleagues quickly. By accelerating the onboarding process, corporate social networking can minimize the risk of isolation and new hire attrition.”<br /><br />A recent SelectMinds/Intellisurvey research study points out that the need to connect is particularly applicable to members of Generation Y. </p><p>The study revealed that when transitioning into a new job, Gen Y employees rank “cementing relationships with colleagues and supervisors” and learning the corporate culture (73 percent) as their greatest challenges, ahead of learning the new job responsibilities (27 percent).<br /><br />”We believe corporate social networking can bring benefits to human resources, particularly in the area of onboarding,” said Gerry Crispin, founder of CareerXRoads, who consults with leading global organizations about recruiting processes and technologies. “Onboarding solutions to date have focused on administrative, logistical tasks. Extending onboarding solutions to help new hires connect with their new colleagues can have a significant impact on their engagement.”</p><p>Anne Berkowitch, SelectMinds CEO, agrees.  </p><p>”With relational onboarding, organizations can promote a culture where the immediate emphasis is placed on building and fostering relationships and creating an environment that is collaborative and communicative,” Berkowitch said. “NewHireConnect provides new hires with Corporate Social Networking tools to easily connect, communicate and share knowledge and feel an immediate connection to their peers and the organization.”</p>

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