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Our latest Web poll, ‘How well do you know your company outside of the IT department?’, continues the saga of invisibility, specifically yours, in the IT department. Those of you who aren’t making a name for yourselves should at least make sure that people know your name.


All of you who responded have some familiarity with those outside the hallowed walls of your piece of the company landscape. I suppose things could be worse. Some of you could have absolutely no clue what goes on in and around your company, but honestly, having just “some” familiarity with the outsiders is like vaguely recalling that you wore blue socks to work today. It’s not enough!


Make it a point to get out of the office and make yourself known. Start with your department, with your boss. If you don’t, here’s what won’t happen:



  1. No one will see you or remember you when plum projects come up. Those are usually given to the most visible employees who make themselves known and cleverly take any and every opportunity to let the right people know about successes they’ve had or innovations they’ve suggested that the company used to produce positive results.
  2. No one will remember you when it comes time for bonuses and/or promotions. Why should they? Your glory-hound coworkers who haven’t your talent but have the gumption to get in the boss or supervisor’s face are sucking up all your accolades and the perks that go along with them.
  3. No one will know how disgruntled you are by your continuing lack of opportunity to learn and/or advance. Thus, no one will know how close you are to doing the IT-version of ‘going postal.’ You know. When an angry postal worker who’s been sitting behind the same desk doing the same job finally snaps, shoots everyone in the post office and then turns the gun on him or herself after years of faithful service? Furthermore, no one will know that you need to be challenged or that you’re about to peddle your fabulousness elsewhere when they’d prefer to keep you around and give you what you need. Equally important, if you don’t make a name and a face for yourself, no one will know that you need sponsorship to pursue that new certification that will push your skill set and salary into the next sphere. That brand-new, fabulously updated certification that will validate your awesome new technical skill and potentially make you a shoe-in for advancement as well as interesting new projects…if only you’d opened your yap and let someone in the know, know!
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