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Internet-savvy security professionals already know there are lots of great Web sites out there chock-full of security news, updates, information, tutorials, and more. Above and beyond the anti-virus sites I mentioned in the last newsletter, there are oodles and scads of equally valuable general security sites on the Web as well. In keeping with more or less standard Internet terminology I’ll identify and point to some of my favorite sources for security information online (my apologies in advance to those readers who might feel I’ve slighted other sites by omission; no such slight is intended–please e-mail your favorites to me at and I’ll check them out, then add those that I like too to a later update of this information). These include both general security information sites (portals) and specific resource lists, document collections, and so forth. All of them have proved helpful in researching security matters for me; hopefully, they can do the same for you!




My annotated list includes URLs to access numerous sites:



  • National Security Agency Security Recommendation Guides: a peachy set of guidelines on general security and NSA-approved lockdown guides to a variety of computing platforms and services.

  • The Center for Information Technology at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) maintains a reasonably comprehensive list of Security Groups and Organizations that includes industry, trade, government, and private groups all with a profound (and often specialized) security focus of one kind or another. Worth exploring; please also investigate similar listings for advisories, docs, ezines, FAQs, mailing lists, and so forth (hyperlinks at top of page).

  • The SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security (SANS) Institute has been a major player in the information security arena since its founding in 1989. It not only offers top-notch training and a respected certification program, it also publishes news and information, and offers an online security reading room and pointers to more security resources than I can possibly cover in a short newsletter. Check them out!
    URL:  and

  • SearchSecurity is the security-focused Web site in TechTarget’s excellent set of resource and information oriented Web sites on topics from applications to core technologies (including security) to development, enterprise IT management, and platforms. This site is well-organized, includes lots of original news, tips, and other content, and worth adding to your favorites.





  • Security Panel is the brainchild of Jeff McDermott and JTM Multimedia, Inc. that provides access to a broad and comprehensive range of Information security information and rsources. It covers most major topics, technologies, and issues of concern to IT professionals in its well-organized, well-annotated collections of links.



Indeed, this is the tip of a very large iceberg–as a quick visit to my own collection of Security URLs for a class on Windows security I help to teach at will illustrate–but within these few references, you’ll find pointers to just about everything else on information security online and offline. But please, share your nonpareils with me for future updates!



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