Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS 2003)

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On July 3, 2003, Microsoft announced a new standalone identity management server, which aims at large enterprises. Most experts view this as Microsoft’s play into the ID management market (which I covered as the Hot Stuff! Topic in the previous newsletter). MIIS 2003 is designed to permit Active Directory to interact with other LDAP-enabled directories, including Novell’s eDirectory and the Sun ONE Identity server. MIIS 2003 represents a reworking of what the company once called Microsoft MetaDirectory Services and uses SQL Server as the underlying database engine to store and manage user and account data.


Although Active Directory is expected to remain the primary tool for managing user and account data within Windows based environments, MIIS 2003 is designed to permit Windows desktops and directory services to interwork more effectively with other directory services, like those from Sun and Novell mentioned in the previous paragraph. Further, MIIS is designed to provide administrators with a single point of management for all user identity information along with push technology to propagate changes and updates to numerous applications and directory services (including Active Directory). An eWeek story on this subject indicates further that Microsoft “may also include a version of its TrustBridge technology [with MIIS 2003] as a way for companies using Active Directory to exchange user identity data” (,3959,1163311,00.asp).


Other key features of MIIS 2003 include the following:



  • Synchronize identify information across numerous and varied identity stores and directory services
  • Ability to provision or deprovision accounts and identify information across systems easily and efficiently
  • Enable self-server and help-desk initiated password management and reset through a Web browser connection
  • Integration with Visual Studio .NET means customers interested in customizing or extending MIIS capabilities can use any of the languages that VS.NET supports to make such alterations to the environment.
  • Requires Windows Server 2003 to operate.

For more information on MIIS 2003, visit its home page at

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