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For a large number of programs—including Check Point, Cisco, CIW, CompTIA and others, this site offers free and for-a-fee practice exams, good study guides and discussion forums.




Certification Zone


Entirely Cisco-focused, within that area this site offers an extensive online resource library, training courses and discussion forums. Definitely worth a visit!






Offers study tips, cram notes and practice exams. At present you’ll only find coverage of Cisco, Novell and Check Point security exams, but we hear that they’ll be adding coverage of other topics and exams soon (especially Security+).


For most of the major programs and some of the minors, this site provides links to study and practice resources on other sites, along with study guides and exam notes of its own.


Offers exam outlines, practice exams, study guides, online training and more. So far, the site only addresses CIW and Security+ exams, but it does include lots of great pointers to other resources.




CISSP Open Study Group


This is probably the most comprehensive collection of pointers and information about the CISSP exam available anywhere. Definitely worth a visit, no matter which security certification might interest you. (Note: A condensed and slightly more readable version of this information also appears at Clement Dupius “Resources for the CISSP Study Guide” at




CISSP Study Guides


This is a Web portal for the certified information systems security professional certification. As such, it includes great exam guides, CISSP career information, discussion forums and access to custom training services.






Offers study guides, assessment exams and peer discussion forums. You’ll find coverage of numerous security exams here, including CISSP, Security+, TICSA and more. The site’s study guides and pointers to resources are generally quite helpful and informative.




Dan Houser’s CISSP Study Guide List version 3.2


Another aggregation of all kinds of CISSP resources, including pointers to books, courses, reading lists, discussion groups, exam preparation materials and so forth. Here again, you’ll find this useful no matter which exam you’re interested in.







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