Secure Computing Introduces CommandCenter for Significantly Improved Enterprise Management Capability

<p><strong>San Jose, Calif. &mdash; Nov. 15</strong><br />Secure Computing Corporation, an enterprise gateway security company, unveiled CommandCenter, a new central management product for Secure Computing Sidewinder and SnapGear network gateway security appliances. With CommandCenter, enterprises gain efficient command and control for deployments of 10, 50 or even hundreds of firewalls.<br /><br />Secure Computing CommandCenter simplifies network security management by enabling the creation and enforcement of security policies and policy changes quickly, easily and accurately across the entire networking infrastructure. Robust, fault-tolerant, comprehensive and flexible, it consists of several fully integrated capabilities for managing the network from edge to core, including the following:<br /><br />&bull;    Configuration &mdash; Powerful and easy rule creation, validation and distribution, optimized with wizards to quickly merge similar rules, delete duplicate rules and create VPNs. <br /><br />&bull;    Administration &mdash; Flexible administrative functions based on individual roles that enable efficient central management of multiple domains or enterprises. <br /><br />&bull;    Reporting &mdash; Secure Computing&rsquo;s SecurityReporter provides personalized graphical real-time monitoring, detailed reports for regulatory compliance and a multitude of additional security metrics needed for efficient management. <br /><br />&bull;    Upgrade Management &mdash; Automated upgrade management eliminates vulnerabilities by ensuring the latest software updates and patches are implemented. The product also tracks and applies release updates to an unlimited number of devices. <br /><br />The virtual central management capability of Secure Computing CommandCenter simplifies monitoring multiple firewall appliances across many domains or enterprises and is ideal for large distributed organizations or providers offering managed services. Creating &ldquo;virtual instances&rdquo; of…



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