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<strong>Ashland, Va. &mdash; Dec. 3 </strong><br />With more than 14 years of experience in corporate management and consulting, Brent Peterson has seen hundreds of well-qualified candidates passed over due to poor performance in job interviews. The current unemployment rate &mdash; the highest in 14 years &mdash; adds even more pressure to an already stressful situation.<br /><br />”There is no room for error in today&#39;s competitive job market. The right resume and connection get you the interview, but it&#39;s the interview that gets you the job,” Peterson remarked.<br /><br />”Most mistakes made by applicants are the direct result of a failure to effectively communicate. American workers have the talent and ambition to grow this economy,” he said. “But in order to get hired, they have to be prepared to showcase their value. A well-qualified candidate who neglects to demonstrate an understanding of the challenges facing the organization and fails to show a capacity for solving them will almost never generate a job offer over a less qualified but more prepared and confident candidate who does.&rdquo;<br /><br />With that in mind, Peterson launched Interview Angel on Dec. 1 after six months of design and collaboration with hiring managers and professional staffing firms. Unlike books on career development, Interview Angel closes the gap between understanding what to do and actually doing it in an action-oriented system that users complete with their own stories, goals and research. <br /><br />Also featured are essential steps to take before, during and after the interview, including resume preparation and job searching; how and where to research an organization&rsquo;s culture, vision and performance; and what questions to ask or avoid during the interview.<br /><br />Notably, the product is professionally packaged in a padfolio designed to be taken into the interview itself to help candidates remain confident, focused and organized. Peterson remarked: “Professionals would never walk into a business meeting without their notes organized and in hand. A job interview should be no different. And yet, almost all candidates unfortunately treat an interview like a closed-book exam.”<br /><br />Interview Angel makes for a meaningful gift for job seekers, new graduates, recent veterans, mothers re-entering the job market, consultants and those impacted by layoffs. “In this highly competitive job market, candidates owe it to themselves and their families to be as prepared and confident as possible during the interview process. It&#39;s just too important to leave to chance,” Peterson stresses.<br /><br />Peterson explained that his inspiration for the business and his faith in its purpose is summed up in its mission statement: to help all job seekers take proper action to share their value and fulfill their professional goals. “I see Interview Angel Inc. as the American business with a profound vision,” he said.<br /><br />”Starting this business in a down economy with no financing available was a huge leap of faith. But so many people have expressed their appreciation for the project and lent their support &mdash; from the parking lot attendant committed to holding me accountable for making daily progress to the struggling single mother of three we have gotten off of public assistance,” Peterson added. <br />

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