Second Copy Wins 2007 Peoples Choice Award

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<p><strong>Denver &mdash; Aug. 6</strong><br />Centered Systems has won the SIA People&#39;s Choice Award for Best Overall Utility for its flagship software application, Second Copy. </p><p>The award was presented July 14 at the 16th-annual Software Industry Conference in Denver. </p><p>This is the sixth time that Second Copy has won this award.<br /><br />Second Copy v. 7 is an automatic backup utility for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003. </p><p>A Vista-enabled version will be released later this year. </p><p>Second Copy 7 makes backing up your important files a breeze, and it works in the background, with little impact on your system&#39;s performance &mdash; simply tell Second Copy which files you want to copy, where and when you want to copy them, and forget about it.<br /><br />Second Copy 7&#39;s setup wizard helps users define different profiles each indicating different sets of files and rules. </p><p>These profiles can be organized in groups by different categories such as daily backups, weekly archives, accounting files, etc. </p><p>Setup wizard also assists the user in setting the frequency of the backups, including specific days of the week, hours of the day or any desired time intervals. </p><p>Files can be stored on any local fixed or removable disks, zip drives, CD-RWs, DVDs, as well as on storage devices on other computers across a network. </p><p>Second Copy 7 backups can span across multiple disks.<br /><br />Program features in this version include up to 256-bit AES encryption, FTP support and e-mail notification, as well as support to run as a service. </p><p>Other features include PKZip-compatible compression, file synchronization and the archiving of up to 25 earlier versions of files. </p><p>You can ignore files older than a certain date and set zip file compression ratios. You can run any program before or after running each backup operation.<br /><br />Second Copy 7 comes with an enhanced zip viewer. </p><p>For added security, the compressed files and customized settings can be protected using encrypted passwords. </p><p>Second Copy 7&#39;s built-in auto-dial and auto-login features enable users to back up their files remotely to their servers in the office, or any other location.<br /><br />Second Copy 7 can also run at Windows startup and shutdown, creating second copies of important data files. </p><p>The two-way synchronization option allows the user to maintain files in two places, ensuring the latest version is always available at either location.<br /><br />Advanced users can create macros that specify destination directory names and allow for date/time stamping of each backup folder. </p><p>Second Copy 7 also supports a command line interface for advanced users. </p><p>Progress bars monitor backups while Second Copy maintains a log of all backup activity. </p><p>Helpful online tips with multi-language support are also available.</p>

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