Searching for Answers in an IT World

Pablo Picasso once said, “Computers are worthless. They can only give you answers.” It’s safe to say IT professionals would have a hard time agreeing with the first part of the quote, and judging from a recent look at the CertMag forums, they might not agree with the second part either.

A flurry of questions, some familiar, some uncharted, have flooded the boards recently — questions only a living, breathing techie, and not a computer or Web site, could answer directly.

Forum member AlphaGeek posted: “IT was originally just an interest for me, and I moved in to the industry because I wanted to do what I loved. Recently, however, I have been feeling like I am not being challenged as much. I have planned and overseen the upgrade of our network, and generally feel that the time to move jobs is approaching. I would like, however, to complete two more years here and take advantage of the training I get in that time. At home I have become almost a pure UNIX and Linux user, and my interests have moved away from the MS-based lab I used to use and towards security, penetration testing, distributed media systems, robotics and embedded systems. I also do a lot of armature coding and am not afraid to try and use any language. I would like to move away from user support, and maintaining business systems. I also feel that to [increase my salary] I need to specialize in an area.…



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