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Vienna, Va. — Oct. 2, 2008
SCIPP International, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to providing security awareness training and certification services, is offering free autographed copies of books by security expert Winn Schwartau in support of the fifth annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month this month.

The free books by Schwartau, a pioneer in the information security field, include Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids, Cybershock: Surviving Hackers, Phreakers, Identity Thieves, Internet Terrorists and Weapons of Mass Disruption, Information Warfare, Pearl Harbor Dot Com and Time Based Security. The books are available in limited supplies on a first-come, first-serve basis from SCIPP International at:

Important security awareness materials for average computer users are also available free from the site, including a security tip of the day, computer screen savers with security reminders, informative articles and security awareness posters. For consumers who wish to promote security awareness at their places of work, there will also be an opportunity to enter to win a free security awareness course for their company.

An information security professional since 1984, Schwartau is a recognized expert in understanding the critical role of end-user awareness in securing infrastructure. In 1990, Schwartau founded Interpact, an information security services, policy development and training organization, which later became The Security Awareness Company.

He is also the founder of NiceKids.Net Inc., a cyber-ethics Web site for kids, parents, families and teachers. In 2006, Schwartau founded SCIPP International with the vision of raising and validating the security awareness of enterprise end-users on a worldwide scale.

“A high percentage of data breaches and identity thefts stem from human error — therefore focusing on people and their behavior is a key element of any effective security program,” said Dow Williamson, executive director of SCIPP International. “As a global nonprofit agency that specializes in security awareness, we also believe that security awareness can and should be a fun exercise for the whole family. We encourage people to visit our site and download materials that can be beneficial to protecting themselves online.”

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is spearheaded annually by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a collaborative effort amongst experts in the security, nonprofit, academic and government fields to teach consumers, small businesses and members of the education community about Internet security. The NCSA aims to increase awareness about the risks associated with using Internet technologies and how to help protect against them, while also providing free tips, checklists and best practices for remaining safe while online.

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