S&C Readies Workforce for Success With Softscape

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<p><strong>Wayland, Mass. &mdash; Nov. 29</strong><br />Softscape, a provider of Web-based human capital management software products, announced that S&C Electric Company chose Softscape&#39;s human capital management platform as the foundation for its employee development program. With Softscape, S&C will better link staff improvement initiatives to operational effectiveness.<br /><br />”At S&C, we recognize that we must continuously improve what we do and how we do it. Our people must not only be prepared for change, but also must be involved as the agents of change,” said Doug Patten, director, human resources, S&C. “Softscape is helping us prepare for the future. Our end goal is to establish a complete employee management process that engages our workers and encourages them to stay with us for a long time. When we develop, monitor, rate and reward our staff, their effectiveness is enhanced, and it positively influences our business results.”<br /><br />As part of a companywide executive directive to improve all business processes, S&C selected Softscape to streamline its people management efforts and fully automate performance reviews, introducing new efficiencies, enhanced accuracy and time savings to employee appraisals. S&C can align individual goals with company objectives, assess how well the goals are achieved and facilitate manager-employee communication. Suited to the needs of both salaried and hourly workers, Softscape&#39;s easy-to-use, yet comprehensive human resource functions will help S&C&#39;s employees reach their highest potential.<br /><br />”Companies like S&C show that small to midsize companies are focusing on employee growth, development and retention as much as the large enterprises,” said Dave Watkins, chief executive officer, Softscape. “By implementing Softscape, S&C is investing in its employees&#39; success. Softscape&#39;s flexibility can enable S&C to adapt from a basic review system to true performance management and help transform its business processes.”<br /><br />With advanced functions for talent acquisition, assessment, development and management, Softscape helps companies of all sizes enhance productivity, facilitate planning, reduce paper-based processing and simplify critical work functions. The single, integrated platform provides the infrastructure for customers to better manage their workforces and gain insight from analyses across all their employee data. The end result is a single solution from which to make more informed business decisions. </p>

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