Savid Technologies: Prioritizing A Well-Rounded Workforce

Being well rounded isn’t just for college applications or dinner parties anymore.

At Savid Technologies Inc., a software development and IT consulting agency, employees are expected to chat with a client’s CIO just as easily as they repair a broken network.

“A lot of the work that we have with customers isn’t just solving the problem, but then explaining to them, as well as to the rest of the business, how that problem was solved and how we’re going to make sure it’s not going to happen again,” said Michael A. Davis, CEO of Savid Technologies.

Operating out of two offices — one in Chicago and one in Washington, D.C. — Savid Technologies has a total of 16 employees, more than three-quarters of whom work as IT professionals.

Its small size allows the company to focus on harvesting quality talent capable of solving a wide range of IT issues, rather than on simply selling product.

“That allows us to work with a lot of different parts of the IT organization,” Davis said. “We’re a very broad company.”

Indeed it is, providing technology consulting, security consulting, network maintenance, application development and training services.

Being a small business and hunting for versatile, multitalented individuals also results in a unique interviewing method, Davis said.

“We have a much longer hiring process than probably most places; it’s going to be a couple weeks, not just a two-day thing,” he said. “The biggest thing we pride ourselves on is on understanding the skill set, so…



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