Oracle Emerge as Leaders for Business

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<p><strong>London &mdash; May 10</strong><br />Once exclusively a specialist tool, business intelligence (BI) now forms an integral part of many core business processes. </p><p>This trend lends a distinct advantage to BI vendors providing high-quality end-to-end solutions, particularly as enterprises are looking to consolidate their BI needs around one single-vendor solution. </p><p>According to a new report, &ldquo;Decision Matrix: Selecting a Business Intelligence Vendor,&rdquo; by independent market analyst Datamonitor (DTM), however, although the market leaders are well-placed to maintain their position, the BI space is replete with others vendors that could challenge the current leaders. </p><p>In what Datamonitor expects to be a market worth $7.9 billion globally by 2012, the stakes are clearly high.<br /><br />BI solutions &mdash; application suites that enable organizations to store, query, analyze and present information captured or generated through operational process &mdash; are being deployed increasingly widely throughout the organization.<br /><br />Datamonitor has developed the Decision Matrix to help businesses select vendors based on their technology strength, reputation among customers and impact in the market. </p><p>Conclusions are based on a quantitative assessment of end-user sentiment, the capabilities of the BI solutions on offer and technology features. Datamonitor&rsquo;s research has revealed some interesting findings.</p><p>Based on their technology assessment, end-user sentiment and market impact, SAS is the BI market leader. </p><p>SAS offers a great portfolio of both basic and advanced functionality, backed up by a dependable support capability. Its stable financial footing, superb vision and lead in advanced analytics all imply SAS is well-placed to continue as the BI market leader.<br /><br />Oracle has integrated its recently acquired BI expertise and, as a result, it has managed to exert itself within the BI market. </p><p>If one considers its user base, commanding presence in the global applications market and a comprehensive yet flexible BI solution, however, Oracle&rsquo;s lead position comes as no surprise. </p><p>Oracle&rsquo;s dynamic outlook suggests it won&rsquo;t be complacent and will continue to enhance its standing in the BI market.<br /><br />With strong challengers behind them, the market leaders should not become complacent<br /><br />The report reveals several players that are all capable of challenging the SAS and Oracle duopoly should market conditions change. </p><p>According to Datamonitor, Business Objects and Cognos are in the best position to improve, although Datamonitor notes both need to recover some of the momentum lost during platform reengineering. </p><p>SAP provides a compelling and comprehensive solution, but it needs to capture a larger share of the non-SAP market if its position is to change, and IBM requires further addition of certain functional areas if it is to compete with the most successful BI vendors. </p><p>Although Microsoft falls much further behind, Datamonitor thinks that its BI strategy is still evolving, and it might be a much more important player in the medium to long term.<br /><br />&ldquo;BI has been transformed from a specialist technology to a ubiquitous tool deployed at the operational frontline.&rdquo; says Vuk Trifkovi&aelig;, Datamonitor technology analyst and author of the study. &ldquo;This puts a premium on vendors&rsquo; ability to provide a comprehensive solution that is able to serve a single version of a BI solution through myriad channels and to all levels of an organization.&rdquo;</p>

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