SAP Launches Developer Network & Certification

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According to Gene Phifer, vice president of Gartner Research, developer communities established by software companies are fundamental to the adoption of the architecture or platform offered by those companies, providing easy access to the latest technologies, tools and resources, as well as lowering the barriers to entry and allowing developers to develop and deploy new applications more quickly. SAP AG, a provider of business software solutions, is the latest vendor to open a developer community, with its introduction of the SAP Developer Network, a platform for the SAP technical community to share the most up-to-date knowledge and information on SAP technology, including SAP NetWeaver and SAP xApps. In addition, SAP has introduced the SAP NetWeaver certification program, which is designed for individual developers.




“The value of a developer community increases exponentially with the number of members using it to develop business applications,” said Phifer. “As a result, the entire community benefits from the increased knowledge and innovation generated by the network.”




Hosted at, the SAP Developer Network will be available to more than 1 million developers who have developer keys from SAP and who want to learn to reduce total cost of ownership while building innovative solutions for their organizations. The network is built on SAP NetWeaver and provides a portal for IT professionals to share technical information, advice, code samples and tools. The network will provide technical articles, Web-based training, code samples, evaluation systems, special interest groups and information on events planned specifically for developers. Most resources on the network are free, though there is a selection of premium content that is available only to subscribers.




According to Shai Agassi, executive board member at SAP AG, the developer community is platform-agnostic, open to developers working on various platforms, including Java and .NET. 




The new SAP NetWeaver certification for developers will include online training through the developer network in addition to role-based training for IT professionals working as systems administrators, developers and system architects. In addition, candidates will receive training on the various components within SAP NetWeaver, including portal, business intelligence and Java development.




To visit the SAP Developer Network, point your browser to

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