SANS Unveils Masters Program for IT Security

Citing a need to increase the professionalism and non-technical skills of IT security professionals, officials from the SANS Institute unveiled two new master’s degrees in Information Security Management and Information Security Engineering. The academic programs, definitely unique in the world of credentialing organizations, will be administered by the newly formed SANS Technology Institute, which was unanimously approved as a separate, degree-granting institution on Nov. 16 by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

“That means SANS can grant masters of science degrees in the same way that John Hopkins University or New York University can,” said Alan Paller, the SANS Institute’s director of research. He added that his organization is distinctively qualified to offer such a program because of the quality of SANS instructors and subject-matter experts. “We have an academic program led by people who actually know what the attacks are.”

Still, the new master’s degrees will be something of a work in progress for a while, said Stephen Northcutt, president of the new SANS Technology Institute. “We have no illusions that we have all the answers,” he said. “The SANS Institute is on a journey. SANS has had the fortune to be considered thought leaders in the information security space and to have really wonderful people who have lots of experience in the industry who share that with others. They have lessons in leadership that they can share with them.”

The SANS Technology Institute’s academic programs will be 30 credit hours apiece and will take about two…



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